FREE Whitepaper: How Legal Departments Are Handling Cost Pressures During COVID

Bodhala’s groundbreaking legal technology platform was created by lawyers to transform the half-a-trillion dollar global legal industry. Our platform refines organizational processes by empowering your legal team with deeper insights that allow you to better analyze, interpret, and optimize outside counsel spend, trailblazing a new era of legal market intelligence.

Companies are leaning on their legal operations teams now more than ever for actionable, data-backed initiatives that will guide the business through this crisis and set the enterprise up for successful future business cycles.

In this free whitepaper, our team of legal experts identified the key areas where legal operations leaders can drive change in their departments.

Key areas legal operations leaders can drive change:
  • Tracking and centralizing rate card increases
  • Enhanced bill review
  • Matter RFPs
  • Rate Card RFPs and panel creation
  • Timing of invoices
  • Litigation management
  • Broken M&A deals
  • Monitoring key law firm health during COVID

Bodhala is transforming legal operations across key industries.